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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the New Law Digest, a curated bi-weekly newsletter from the Lawtrepreneur Learning Platform, pointing lawyers to the resources and strategies on the Internet that help them practice efficiently, deliver more value to clients and live more healthier lives.

With the cultural and social response to the coronavirus being the catalyst of significant transformation in the legal profession, many in the legal profession struggle with knowing what steps to take to adapt their practice and careers to the new reality. Worse, while so much information is available on the Internet on these topics, finding information relevant to legal professionals can be almost impossible to find.

Curated by the Lawtrepreneur Learning Platform and its partners, the New Law Digest is a resource that helps lawyers and other legal professionals understand the challenges their careers face and design responses to address each challenge.

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We'll be busy getting the Lawtrepreneur Learning Platform ready for beta launch for December 1, however if you want to share an article or resource you think would be valuable for the wider legal profession or want to nominate someone to be profiled in the Digest, shoot us an email.

Till then:

Be well. Romesh.